Healthcare Administrative Partners Launches Deep Dive Analytics Service

Physician-inspired solution puts standard radiology data into action to drive improved patient outcomes and practice value

Media, PA, April 3, 2018
– Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP), provider of comprehensive quality, productivity, and revenue cycle management solutions for specialty physician practices, today announces the launch of Deep Dive Analytics, an integrated clinical data analytics and business service that empowers radiology practice decisions and actions across a variety of critical performance areas.

Two core modules make up Deep Dive Analytics. The incidental findings module mines radiology clinical data, identifies patients in need of follow-up evaluation based on condition-specific algorithms, executes notification letters to patients and primary care physicians, and monitors patient response. The practice productivity and quality maximization module queries dictated reports to identify opportunities to improve both patient care and operational efficiency.

Commenting on the inception of the service, Jane Knox, HAP’s President, states that, “Deep Dive Analytics is the result of a true collaboration – a merging of the minds between one of HAP’s most innovative radiology practice clients and our group of revenue cycle and healthcare IT experts. The idea was borne out of our mutual desire to enhance patient care in meaningful ways.”

A research study cited in the Journal of the American College of Radiology indicated that an average of 71% of patients with incidental lung nodule findings do not return for follow-up care. Knox adds that, “We realized that, as a specialty, radiology could do more to solve widespread problems in care coordination like this that have existed for too long. We found the solution within the data available at most hospital-based practices, and in our ability to put that information into action in the form of a communication process to reduce leakage. I’m thrilled to report that our integrated system has demonstrated clear potential to save people’s lives.”

Using custom algorithms, Deep Dive Analytics mines radiology clinical data and identifies those patients with lung nodules detected during earlier encounters who should be undergoing follow-up evaluation based on current treatment guidelines. This data is then output to an automated business process that notifies the patients and primary care physicians via mail at specific intervals about the recommendation for follow-up care as determined by the size of the nodule detected. The solution also tracks patient response and the status of the nodule once the follow-up screening occurs.

Commenting on the results of the program to-date, Knox states that, “The average rate of those returning for evaluation increased by over 90% as compared to the period before any follow-up process was in place at the practice. And within the group that received the notification letters, over 23% had a new or worsening condition. Our solution equipped the radiology practice to actively and accurately encourage critical follow-up care – perhaps adding a new dimension to the definition of interventional radiology.”

The incidental findings module of Deep Dive Analytics also enables radiology groups to identify those patients who received a removable IVC filter from one of that group’s interventional radiologists, but who have not returned for the removal procedure via any provider within the entire health system. As in the lung nodules scenario, notification letters are then sent to patients and primary care physicians encouraging return visits for evaluation. According to Knox, “We’ve also seen positive patient response rates for this group, which is very encouraging since it often consists of younger people and wounded veterans.”

Liver, renal, kidney, and thyroid profiles are all slated for addition to the incidental findings module within the next several months. Knox adds that, “This component of Deep Dive Analytics represents an important milestone for HAP and our clients. We’re helping radiologists reclaim their traditional roles in detecting and treating illness. But we’re doing so by enabling them to be proactive – taking the lead in preventive care for at-risk populations. It’s a new and important role for radiologists that patients and health systems alike can appreciate.”

The second core module of Deep Dive Analytics provides practice productivity and care quality improvement features via one-click access to relevant, actionable intelligence.  Knox states that, “Productivity is about more than just RVUs. And care quality is ultimately defined by patient outcomes. Diving deep into standard practice data we can bring amazing insights to the surface to drive quantifiable, meaningful improvements in both metrics.  Our initial feature set mines current dictation to identify a range of opportunities for quality improvement – steps practice leaders can take immediately to benefit patients as well their bottom line. This module is all about empowering practice leaders to make the best decisions.”

According to Brian Effron, HAP’s Chief Executive Officer, the introduction of Deep Dive Analytics is consistent with the company’s commitment to help providers overcome the challenges of a complex and continually changing healthcare system. He states that, “Radiology practices are under so much pressure today from so many angles. In order to continue serving as a true business partner to them, we’ve broadened our solution set beyond standard definitions of revenue cycle management. In terms of the technology, value to physician groups, and benefits to patients, Deep Dive Analytics is a triple innovation. We’re very excited to offer this expanding service to hospital-based radiology practices today.”

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