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Increase Revenue, Accelerate Cash Flow, Reduce Costs

Complex and time-consuming, medical billing and coding require skill, experience, and keen insight to accurately capture patient encounters and maximize reimbursements.

Many private and hospital-based physicians practices find it challenging to stay informed about the latest industry changes that impact billing and coding processes. Often times, claim denials become routine, the majority of payments are never posted, and physicians devote crucial resources to compliance issues.

In fact, coding errors represent one of the primary reasons why claims are rejected. Hiring HAP to manage your billing and coding tasks will not only reduce denials, but it will also optimize your entire revenue cycle, save on resources, and significantly decrease expenditures associated with staff turnover and training.

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Healthcare Administrative Partners Offers Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Services

Outsourcing revenue cycle management tasks to HAP means you can immediately enlist the aid of a reliable business partner deeply committed to your long-term success. We help physician practices manage the complexities of the modern healthcare economy, fully supporting them through transitions such as ICD-10, value-based-payments, and similar mandates that impact practice performance. When you choose HAP as your RCM partner, you reduce the burden of re-learning compliance regulations, figuring out why claims are being denied, or worrying about whether staff training and certifications are current.

A reputable RCM company like Healthcare Administrative Partners can significantly improve nearly all aspects of your practice, ensuring your finances and your compliance activities are optimized for maximum success. Our clients frequently state that, in addition to needing an MD degree, they also need the assistance of a dependable RCM company that provides specialized medical billing and coding services in order to operate a profitable medical practice that benefits patients and employees alike.

Because HAP employs billers and coders who possess in-depth knowledge of specific medical fields — such as radiology, emergency medicine, and many others — specialized physician practices benefit from our ability to provide the highest quality RCM services available. We also provide monthly reports and on-demand analysis of your financial status, work hard to maximize Medicare reimbursements you have earned, and aggressively follow-up on underpaid claims.

Develop Personalized Growth Strategies with HAP’s Medical Practice Consulting Experts

HAP assists hospital-based and private practices with developing real-world, practical solutions for achieving long-term practice stability and financial goals. Our cross-sector team of healthcare business consulting specialists bring their experience and exhaustive knowledge to you for one purpose: implementing dynamic strategies that can positively impact the direction of your practice despite the challenges of the modern healthcare economy.

Identifying options, evaluating those options with rigorous precision, and constructing an efficient business model customized to address the unique needs of your practice is the core of HAP’s established reputation. We can integrate a solid approach linking due diligence, acquisition strategy, and merger integration for clients considering such a transition.

Put Your Practice on the Path to Financial Health

HAP has a team of revenue cycle management and medical practice management advisers ready to help you achieve long-term success. Call or contact us today to request a consultation for our revenue cycle management solutions.

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