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At Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP), patient satisfaction is our highest priority and exceptional results are the norm. We know that positive experience and timely payments go hand-in-hand, and we work to ensure a seamless billing and payment experience for your patients. From registration to triage and consultation, your practice treats your patients with respect. Throughout the billing process, your patients will be given that same high level of respect and care.

Our Customer Care Center of Excellence, operated by trained and well tenured employees in the fields of customer service and patient collections, handles all patient communications promptly and professionally.

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  • US-based call center
  • Spanish speaking representatives available
  • First call resolution above industry average
  • Formal review process for all call center employees designed to enhance professional growth and retain the best employees
  • 100% live pick-up
  • Evening and Saturday call center hours
  • Client fact sheets with specific customer information utilized during calls

Process improvement is always a top priority. In the rare occurrence that a patient gives a rating of 3 or lower, a call center representative will place an outbound call to engage the patient for specific feedback on how we can do better!

Our clients and patients will tell you, we work hard to keep patients happy

“Thank you for notating my account efficiently and helping me out while still in the hospital!”

– Patient from a New Jersey radiology client

“Please let [the representative] from the call center know that his email to the patient was excellent and that we appreciate the extra effort he made to give a complete and comprehensive explanation to the patient.”

– Central Pennsylvania hospital-based radiology client

“I would like to congratulate you all on having such a great employee.  People tend to only want to speak to managers to complain, and I think it is important to report when a representative does an amazing job.  [The call center representative] is very professional, kind and understanding.  I am very happy with the service he provided to me today.  I want to thank [the call center representative] for all his help; I am so happy that this call was so much easier than I thought it would be.  Thank you!”

– Patient from a New Jersey radiology client

“You all were spot on perfect yesterday. I was very happy with the service.”

– Patient from a Northern New Jersey pathology client

This patient actually called multiple times to ensure [the call center representative] got credit for the survey results. The patient initially declined the survey, but wanted to tell the call center that the representative did a fantastic job. She called back just to take the survey.

“Thanks to all involved with my mother’s account. They were quick and helpful, and much appreciated in taking care of this!

– Patient calling about their mother’s account

“[The call center representative] handled my questions in a very polite and knowledgeable way, and I just wanted to give her kudos for her good-quality customer service.”

– Patient from a Mississippi radiology client

“I just wanted to send the praises of [call center representative] who was extremely helpful to me today.”

– Patient from a North Carolina radiology client

“I asked [the call center representative] to please give me a survey and/or an email address so that I could write a nice compliment for her professionalism, explanations, knowledge, and assistance today because I was very pleased.”

– Patient from a North Carolina radiology client

“[Call center representative] was the best and [my mother] appreciated everything he has done to assist her.”

– Daughter of a New Jersey radiology client’s patient

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