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Physician Practice Revenue Cycle Management

Increasing practice efficiency, streamlining workflow, and improving business processes are essential to unlocking the full potential of a physician practice. Optimize your revenue cycle with HAP’s outsourced physician practice RCM services and benefit from our team and technologies that have been proven over 20 years of experience. We specialize in providing services for hospital-based and office-based practices.

Our medical billing and coding services can provide the expertise you need to achieve your financial objectives and stay compliant while you focus on patient care objectives. We can help you navigate the complex federal, state, and private payer requirements with regard to charge capture, documentation, and billing to maximize reimbursement in this evolving healthcare economy.

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Professional Billing Services Focused on Your Practice Finances

As a true business partner aligned with the financial success of your practice, HAP’s sole focus is on collecting the maximum reimbursements your physicians have earned. Our specialized experts and technologies optimize your revenue cycle using best practices honed over decades of experience in your medical specialty. We customize solutions to address your practice’s unique needs, making our outsourced medical billing and coding services operate more like a seamless extension of your office staff.

We understand the difficulty in dealing with the rising volume of claims exacerbated by rigorous compliance regulations, denials, and delays. Backlogs can rapidly grow to the point where your revenue cycle is deeply and negatively impacted.

HAP can help you take control of your practice and put it on the path to financial success. Our comprehensive outsourced physician practice billing and coding solutions can address and rectify your backlog, reduce claim submission errors and denials, and improve reimbursements overall.

Our electronic claims submission process, A/R improvement strategies, and customized workflows optimize all stages of the revenue cycle and help maximize practice revenues.

HAP collaborates with you to identify your primary objectives and proactively manage your practice. We will then develop a strategic practice plan to achieve these goals and implement the team and technologies to do so quickly and efficiently. Our robust business intelligence platform provides intuitive reports and on-demand drill-down tools to provide a holistic perspective on your practice performance, exposing actionable insights that can prevent and correct issues impacting revenue.

Our team of certified coding specialists and billing process experts is empowered by our proprietary workflows, including an embedded rules engine that improves first-pass claims acceptance and reduces aggravating denials. HAP goes one step further than many other physician practice revenue cycle management companies and includes courtesy phone calls integrated with patient statement mailings – a well-refined process with quantifiable benefits to cash flow. Additionally, patients can enroll in flexible payment plans via our patient portal, which offers a variety of convenient payment options.

Take control of your practice — contact HAP today and learn more about our comprehensive revenue cycle management for physician practices. Don’t let time-consuming RCM tasks take you away from what you love: providing the best possible healthcare for your patients.

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