Medical Practice Management Consulting

Physician practices face a broad range of challenges when addressing issues and opportunities from within their organization. Offering expertise across such diverse areas as financial management, third-party contracts, organization and governance, and benefits planning, medical practice management consultancies can be a smart solution for physician practices that need to realize better performance from their revenue cycle or overall business operations.

Our Comprehensive Physician Practice Management Consulting Services

HAP offers a comprehensive list of medical management consulting services beginning with an in-depth assessment of your practice and administrative / management procedures. We provide assistance with developing plans for steady practice growth, precise identification of missed revenue opportunities, and recommendations for operational or infrastructure improvements. Our experienced medical practice management consultants are available for short-term projects or for long-term support of your practice.

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HAP’s Practice Management Services include these core components, and much more:

  • Strategic planning (business planning, feasibility studies, tax management, joint ventures, and mergers/acquisitions)
  • Operational assessments (revenue optimization and management, documentation, and coding assessments and staffing)
  • Physician practice start-up services (credentialing, benefits planning, governance, and organization)

4 Core Benefits of HAP’s Practice Consulting Services

  • Our medical practice management consultants are seasoned professionals who apply decades of insights and experience to help your practice succeed.
  • You receive ongoing medical practice management consulting services specifically tailored to address the unique needs of physicians seeking to improve the efficiency of their financial and administrative operations.
  • After initially conducting a thorough assessment of your practice, we then begin working with you to establish critical objectives for the purpose of developing strategies to quickly improve your revenue cycle returns.
  • HAP does not use junior consultants. Our team consists of proven industry experts who are adept at addressing both obvious and hidden challenges affecting your practice and your ability to maintain profitability.

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Our deep understanding and insights into physician practice operations, the RCM continuum, and streamlining the administrative aspects of your practice enables you to enjoy significant reductions in labor costs and overhead expenses. Start strengthening the viability and reputation of your practice — consult with a HAP business partner today. Contact us to schedule an appointment and begin improving your bottom-line.