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With hospitals continuing to acquire physician practices at a rapid pace, it becomes essential to implement strategies that optimize practice billing and collections. For practices in this position, partnering with a hospital revenue cycle management company to manage the professional revenue cycle during such a transition is a smart first step toward assimilation.

With limited revenue cycle staff, it’s easy to focus on higher dollar facility billing. Due to the high volume and low value nature of professional billing, an accurate and efficient billing workflow is critical to success.

Without the right specialists and infrastructure in house, you can run the risk of leaving money on the table or spending too much to collect professional fees. Our specialized coders provide quick turnaround and electronically post all physician queries for rapid follow up, keeping delays to a minimum. The system tracks all requests for clarification by physician. Coders use this data to identify specific documentation deficiencies and provide physicians with regular in-service training. Complete and specific documentation not only improves care, it increases your opportunity to collect accurately for services rendered and reduces your liability risk.

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HAP Expedites and Optimizes Your Revenue Cycle

Our specialty-trained medical billing professionals utilize our proven workflow technologies to ensure all patient encounters are captured and billed appropriately for your hospital-based physician practice.

Complete and specific documentation improves care, reduces your liability risk, and increases your opportunity to collect for services rendered. Excelling at accuracy and quick turnarounds, our coders post all physician queries electronically for rapid follow-up to keep delays to a minimum. Coders use this data to identify specific documentation deficiencies and provide physicians with regular in-service training.

Our business intelligence solutions provide your physicians with intuitive tools and actionable insights needed to optimize their performance. Our dynamic capabilities provide standard monthly reports as well as ad-hoc / drill-down tools and custom, multi-dimensional reporting.

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Why Choose HAP?

We have helped hospital-based physician practices maximize revenue and minimize compliance risks for over 20 years. HAP consistently refines our processes, invests in innovative technologies, and employs an experienced team of specialists who work diligently to optimize first-pass clean claims and accelerate the carrier reimbursement process. We bill patients quickly and accurately, significantly increasing the rate of collection and reducing the detrimental impact of delayed cash flow.

Our dedicated, expert revenue cycle team will become a seamless extension of your practice. We will help you maximize your revenue while maintaining compliance within the ever-changing complexities of the new healthcare economy.

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