Clinical Specialties

Specialized Healthcare Billing and Coding Services

Optimizing revenue cycle management for specialized physician practices requires the expertise of teams proficient in billing and coding for specific medical conditions and treatments. Healthcare Administrative Partners provides this level of RCM expertise for services delivered by radiologists (diagnostic & interventional), emergency room physicians, radiation oncologists, multi-specialty physician practices, and several others.

HAP is a medical billing and coding business that understands how important it is for such specialized physicians to submit clean claims. For over 20 years, HAP’s team of certified, experienced billing and coding experts, knowledgeable in these medical fields, have perfected the process of producing clean claims for these services. Radiology, emergency medicine, and oncology represent some of the most complicated patient encounters to code and bill properly. HAP has made significant investments in the technologies and talent needed to be true RCM outsourcing experts for these practices. Our workflows have been developed with these specialties in mind and refined over years of experience in order to optimize reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurers, and patients.

What Are Specialized Medical Coders?

HAP’s specialized medical coders have earned certifications and credentials from organizations such as AAPC, ACMCS, and AHIMA that validate their expertise in specific disciplines of medicine such as radiology and radiation oncology

Our coders and billers also possess in-depth expertise in reducing claim denials, receiving first-pass reimbursement, and remaining compliant with complex regulations. In addition, HAP’s specialized coding professionals know how to correctly apply modifier codes, as well as all other standardized coding systems, in order to maximize successful claims submissions.

Specialized coding support is one of the most requested services we offer because expert coders are critical to the overall billing process. Our certified, experienced coders have deep exposure to the complete revenue cycle for the specialties they serve, providing the insights you need to optimize your claims and cash flow.

As a specialist in this era of transition to alternative payment models, your practice cannot afford to fall behind on the standards and mandates that will define success in the new healthcare economy. Contact us today to share your practice challenges or schedule a no-obligation practice performance assessment with one of our RCM experts.