Interim and Emergency Coding Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID-19 impacting the healthcare industry, Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP) is here to help. Many of our clients have been reaching out during this uncertain time in need of support due to fluctuations in staff and volume. Our experienced team of coders have the ability to work in any system to help you fill resource gaps that may have occurred during this time.Our team welcomes you to reach out at any time for assistance with coding for your practice.

Assisting Independent Practices and Health Systems Nationwide

At HAP, our expertise allows us to assist a wide variety of healthcare organizations. We have the capability to support both independent practices of any specialtyand entire health systems.

Our Interim Coding Capabilities

As you deal with workflow disruptions and additional complexities associated with COVID-19, we can enhance your coding capabilities through expert support. Our professional coders will help you maintain an efficient and profitable practice by delivering the degree of coding assistance you need. We will work with you to develop a coding solution that scales to your situation. When you partner with HAP for coding, you’ll experience the benefits of our capabilities:

  • Ability to work with any RCM system to provide emergency coding for a wide range of specialties
  • Coding processes tailored to your practice’s policies and protocols
  • Streamlined coding workflows that track every code, record and status to improve your overall RCM quality and reduce delays
  • AAPC, ACMCS and AHIMA-certified coders that perform account-dedicated work
  • Sophisticated rules engine and automated charge entry that promote efficiency and accuracy
  • Integrated communication to pinpoint patterns in documentation issues and address them in advance

Reasons to Choose HAP for Emergency Support and Interim Medical Coding

HAP offers personalized coding services through an RCM team that cares about your practice’s well-being. The advantages we offer as an RCM partner include:

  • Experience with all aspects of the revenue cycle: In addition to coding, we perform billing, clinic analytics, MIPS quality reporting and consulting. Our expertise in these areas enables us to combine services as needed and integrate our coding solutions into your in-house RCM elements.
  • Focus on your success: At HAP, we want to empower our clients to optimize their profits, especially during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic. HAP coders provide a personal touch in every service they offer.
  • Smooth transition to our services: If you have any financial concerns about adding a new coding service, we will work with you to streamline the transition. We understand that COVID-19 can affect finances and will help you find a solution.
  • More than 25 years of experience with physician practices: We have more than two and a half decades of expertise in coding for multiple healthcare specialties. Our team uses that experience to deliver client-centered solutions.

Contact Us for More Information

We understand the difficulty of managing a healthcare practice during these times, and we want to help. Learn more about our coding support services by contacting our team today.