Pathology Billing and Coding Services

Challenged by declining payments, changing business models, and competitive pressures, many pathology groups are finding that the increasing complexities of the healthcare industry make it difficult for pathology labs to expedite and maximize collection of payments for services rendered.

By partnering with Healthcare Administrative Partners, your revenue cycle will be in the capable hands of pathology billing and coding experts. We offer over 20 years’ experience with unraveling the intricacies of coding and billing for independent practices, independent labs, academic practices, and hospital employed physicians.

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Choose HAP for your pathology billing service, and you can focus on improving and expanding your pathology practice while we shoulder the responsibility of remaining current with the latest pathology coding guidelines, reimbursement rules, and technologies critical to optimizing your cash flow. Our pathology RCM services includes management of all coding, billing, and collections, as well as includes the type of insightful business intelligence fundamental to growing your practice.

Let us help counteract the downward spiral of reimbursement levels and increasing compliance complexities currently affecting the field of pathology. Whether you are interested in outsourcing your pathology billing and coding, want expert practice management support, or both, HAP can help improve cash flow, maximize revenue, and reduce compliance risks.

How HAP Optimizes RCM for Pathology Services Providers

We make certain all pathology services are captured, billed, and automatically tracked to reconcile accessions against documentation received for billing. We also expedite your cash flow by increasing first pass claims acceptance and applying third-party rules using our embedded rules engine.

Our certified pathology medical coders ensure that all billable services are identified, charged accordingly, and reviewed for any possible discrepancies with the responsible healthcare professional. In addition, HAP offers proprietary coding workflow technology that ensures efficiency and compliant output.

By automatically comparing each payment against a pathology lab’s contracted rates, we can identify and pursue third-party underpayments to maximize reimbursements.

HAP’s comprehensive method of managing denial routing and reporting works to significantly decrease the number of denials confronting a pathology practice. All denials are expedited to individuals experienced with discovering the reason for the denial and skilled at managing follow-up actions.

We proactively manage patient account balances by incorporating courtesy phone calls with each patient statement. We know how challenging it can be to collect laboratory services payments from underinsured and uninsured patients, so we use our insights and proven processes to actively migrate patients into one of several convenient payment methods that we offer.

Our team and technologies are on top of the latest regulatory changes impacting the pathology field, including the transition to ICD-10 and the implementation of PQRS / VM. Our analysis of your present coding and billing procedures will quickly determine whether you have been coding correctly for levels of services rendered and enable you to understand how much revenue your pathology group should be earning.

In addition to our pathology billing and coding services, HAP also provides a comprehensive range of complete practice management and professional consulting services.

HAP’s Pathology Billing and Coding Services Maximize Your Revenue Cycle

Start reducing your administrative workload and laboratory/practice expenses by learning more about our pathology revenue cycle management services. Contact Healthcare Administrative Partners today.