Clinical Analytics Services

Clinical Analytics Services

We feel your pain. The moving target that is healthcare reform means that physician practices need more than a coding and billing vendor. If achieving patient care quality measures, improving physician productivity, and maximizing practice reimbursements are all on your mind, HAP’s Clinical Analytics Services should be on your list.

No vaporware here. No dump-and-run software, either. We’re converting the concept of healthcare data analytics into real solutions right now, with turn-key business processes for your radiology practice. Using custom-developed, deep-dive medical data analytics and integrated communications, we’re empowering physicians to improve their quality of care and their practice performance. Inspired by physicians…developed by clinical informatics experts…proven to impact patient outcomes and practice value. Here’s how…

HAP Clinical Analytics Services: A Case Study on Lung Nodule Findings & Follow-up Process

In the modern healthcare system, patients with lung nodule findings are still too often falling through the cracks and not getting the follow-up screenings required to mitigate their risks. Our client, Dr. Philip Lim and his colleagues at Radiology Group of Abington, a hospital-based practice located near Philadelphia, PA, recognized this issue as a true opportunity to benefit patients and advance the quality improvement goals at the core of the value-based care concept. Working closely with their team, HAP developed a custom application and business process that:

  • mines available radiology clinical data
  • identifies patients with lung nodules in need of follow-up,
  • notifies them and their primary care physicians via mail at condition-specific intervals, and
  • measures process efficacy via executed screenings and captured patient condition status.

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clinical analytics

The Results

HAP’s integrated clinical data analytics and communication process:

  • Increased average rate of patient follow-ups from 36% to 72%. (This is compared to national benchmark of 71% of patients that DO NOT return for follow-up.1)
  • Added missing quality and care coordination to an at-risk patient population.
  • Strengthened the working relationship between the radiology practice and their hospital partner.

Our solution was recognized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement at the 2017 National Forum on Quality Improvement. Read about it here.

HAP’s clinical data analytics solutions identify opportunities for practices to elevate quality of care and increase practice value. And we’re just getting started…

Learn how HAP’s Clinical Analytics Services can empower your physician productivity and improve patient outcomes right now.

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1J Am Coll Radiol. 2014 Apr;11(4):378-83. doi: 10.1016/j.jacr.2013.08.003. Epub 2013 Dec 6. Follow-up of incidental pulmonary nodules and the radiology report.