Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Billing and Coding Services

Accelerating medical advances and technological innovation continue to create a dynamic environment within the field of radiation oncology. Likewise, infrastructure costs are rising rapidly, straining profitability for both hospital-based and free-standing radiation oncology centers. Add on regulatory changes, healthcare reform, and the increasing complexity of revenue cycle processes, and radiation oncology providers are finding it increasingly difficult to maximize revenue and maintain profitability.

Overcoming these challenges requires a healthy bottom line powered by experts in managing billing and coding specifically for radiation oncology. Healthcare Administrative Partners outsourced medical billing services for radiation oncology practices delivers the expertise you need to achieve your financial objectives and remain compliant. Our radiation oncology billing specialists handle all coding and billing needs for hospital-based and freestanding radiation treatment centers so that providers can fully focus on patient care.

It’s critical that radiation oncology revenue cycle management tasks are completed as accurately and efficiently as possible to maximize revenue and avoid unnecessary delays and expenditures. With more than 20 years’ experience in managing radiation oncology revenue cycles, HAP has a proven team that can help you navigate the complex federal, state, and private payer requirements regarding charge capture, documentation, and billing. Our established reputation for maximizing reimbursement while adhering to rapidly evolving compliance rules has made us a trusted radiation oncology billing and coding outsourcing partner for several well-renowned oncology centers.

HAP Will Improve Your Revenue Cycle By:

  • Actively managing your account and working with you to identify and achieve your objectives. Your Practice Manager serves as your principal liaison and leads a dedicated team of radiation oncology billing experts who are committed to your success.
  • Ensuring all services rendered are billed by reconciling charges received for billing against your service log to flag missing charges.
  • Increasing first pass claims acceptance to accelerate your cash flow. Our embedded rules engine improves claims acceptance on first pass by proactively applying third-party rules.
  • Identifying third-party underpayments by automatically comparing every payment against your contracted rates. Our radiation oncology billing and coding specialists will load your fee schedules into our system, track paid claims line-by-line, and actively pursue any underpayments to ensure you are paid in full for services rendered.
  • Minimizing denials through comprehensive denials routing, reporting, and management. Denials are routed to individuals who are skilled at identifying root causes and managing required follow up. This kind of detailed reporting also identifies trends and serves as the basis for creating additional rules to decrease the number of unnecessary denials.
  • Actively managing patient balances by integrating courtesy phone calls with patient statements. Our online patient portal offers flexible payment plans and a variety of payment options.
  • Providing actionable intelligence and comprehensive insight into your practice performance with scheduled and on-demand reporting via our robust business intelligence platform.

Our dedicated radiation oncology billing and coding team works as a seamless extension of your practice. We can help you maximize your imbursements, improve your cash flow, and maintain compliance so that you can concentrate on patient care.

HAP also offers charge capture, coding, and documentation audits as well as other professional consulting services to support your practice.

Contact HAP today to learn more about our radiation oncology revenue cycle management services.